About me

O mnie

Hi! My name is Seweryn Ślesicki.

I am a computer graphic designer and illustrator. In my childhood, in my spare time I was involved in drawing people, objects and landscapes. From imagination and from looking.

Since 2001 I have been learning software for creating and processing computer graphics. From 2002 I became interested in creating websites with animations.

Until 2010, I practiced creating vector graphics, processing photos and creating animated advertising banners.

After 2010, I refreshed my knowledge of HTML and began to learn CSS. Since 2016, I am the owner of a Wacom Bamboo graphics tablet. In 2017 I acquired the Canon Lide 220 scanner.

Because I am currently beginning my adventure with digital painting. On the website I intend to publish works, that will show the whole range of my skills.

I will mainly include works made in graphic programs. Also handwritten drawings scans, watercolour paintings and my works made with the use of a graphic tablet, which I am just learning to use.

If you are interested in my biographical note, please check my offer and fill in the form on the contact page.

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